Meenakshi Bhattacharya, New Delhi

In view of Independence Day i.e. August 15, Intelligence Agency IB has issued a high alert in Delhi. More than 45,000 security personnel will be guarded on the occasion of Independence Day. Apart from this, more than 2,000 snipers have been deployed on tall buildings in the radius of 5 km around the Red Fort. One of the leaders of the Sikh for Justice, who demanded Khalistan, has announced to give 1.25 million dollars to the Sikh who hoisted the flag of Khalistan on August 15 at the Red Fort. After this, high alert has been issued in the capital Delhi. More than 300 cameras have been installed for multi-level security and their footage is being monitored.

In view of the rapid spread of Corona infection, special arrangements were made by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Health in the Independence Day celebrations to be held in the Red Fort. Army spokesman Nampi said, “Up to 20 days before Independence Day, the guest had symptoms of any corona and could not attend the ceremony if it was not investigated or if the investigation report was positive or unconfirmed. After entering the venue, markings have also been made to make proper distance. People have to follow the same. For the seating arrangement, the posting of the controlling officer has also been done. To avoid the crowds, you have to sit until the controlling officer asks you to walk “.

He said that this time around 350 police officers who have given guard of honor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi have also been kept in quarantine. These 350 policemen include police officers from Constable rank to DCP rank. Their body temperature is recorded daily, as well as they are tested for all symptoms of corona virus infection.

Spokesperson Nampi said, “This time the Independence Day celebrations have been kept 50% shorter. PM’s speech will be from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. This time also the Army, Air Force and Navy soldiers will give Guard of Honor which includes about 22 soldiers and There will be officers. There will be 32 soldiers in the national salute and officers of Delhi Police as well. Because of Corona, these jawans will stand in four lines and maintain social distancing rules. Every year about 3000 children participated but this time only N. There will be 500 cadets of CC and earlier the children used to sit on the ground, now they will sit on the chair. This time a total of 300 people have been called by joining the minister, official i.e. VIP – VVIP “. Only Doordarshan and All India Radio are allowed to broadcast.